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Scientology All in One Torrent in English, ~340Gb — BOOKS, AUDIOBOOKS & LECTURES

Scientology All in One Torrent in  English, ~340Gb — BOOKS, AUDIOBOOKS & LECTURES

«For I know no man who has any monopoly upon the wisdom of this universe. It belongs to those who can use it to help themselves and others».

L. Ron Hubbard


Today we have compiled a ~340Gb materials of the Scientology and Dianetics in Russian, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish lectures, books, conferences, group processing, and other publications of L. Ron Hubbard today are in one torrent file.


«We are very rich in materials, in results and in the potential future. Through our hardest times we have endured. Into our brightest times we are expanding».

L. Ron Hubbard



Library of L Ron Hubbard texts from Free Zone Scientology torrent-file (3,3 Gb)

Audiolections by LRH 165 Gb torrent-file here
http://galac-patra.ru/_LRH_audio_lectio … tology.zip

Download German, French, Italian, Spanish torrent-file (6 Gb)

New Spanish Library !
http://0-48.ru/L_Ron_Hubbard_materials_ … orrent.zip

English online LRH library

Video of CofS events +Free Zone Scientology archives torrent
torrent-file 122 Gb english materials


trackers https://yadi.sk/i/Q9Yl2zUKpYzE9


Scientology All in One Torrent in  English, Scientology 165Gb, Scientology BOOKS, Scientology AUDIOBOOKS, Scientology FILMS & LECTURES, DIANETICS: THE MODERN SCIENCE OF MENTAL HEALTH, 5009c00 Dianetics Lectures and Demo’s, 5009c23 Oakland Public Lecture Series, 5011c22 Standard Procedure Lecture Series, 5105c21 Science of Survival Lectures, 5106c26 Human Evaluation Course, 5108c13 Special Course in Human Evaluation, 5110c08 October Series Lectures, 5110c15  Foundation Auditors Congress, 5112c27  2nd Annual Conference HAD, 5112c27 First December Conference, 5203c03 Hubbard College Lectures -Milestone One, 5203c10 Theta Track, 5205a19 Route to Infinity Technique 80, 5206C23 Technique 88, 5207c23  Whole Track, 5210c00 Standard Procedure ForT hetaClearing, 5210c30 Lectures of November, 5211c06  Secrets of the MEST Universe, 5211c10 Logics and Axioms Lectures- The Perception of Thruth, 5211c10 London Professional Course, 5211c10 The Perception of Truth, 5212c01 Philadelphia Doctorate Course Lectures, 5303c23 Admiration and Beingness, 5303C23 Spring Lectures 1953 (missing 17&18), 5310c06 01ACC Ext & Phenomena of Space, 5311c17  02 ACC, 5401c04  03ACC, 5400c00 The Universe Processes Congress Lectures, 5403c29 05 ACC Universes, 5405C03 Essentials Of Auditing, 5406a16 06th ACC (51 tapes missing!), 5406a16 07ACC Scientology Its General Background (missing 1-23), 5407C19 Phoenix Lections, 5410c04 08th ACC Creation of Human Ability, 5412c06 09thAcc Solution of Havingness, 5412c28 Unification Congress, 5501c19 Personal Achievement Series, 5502c23 Public Lectures of Phoenix Series, 5503c01  Public Lecture Series Scotland, 5504C06 Creating The Second Dynamic, 5506c03 Anatomy of the Spirit of Man 55, 5508C23 Chaos Stable Datum, 5508c23 Conquest of Chaos 1955, 5510C15 London Public Lecture Series, 5511c01  4th London ACC, 5512a01 Game of OT, 5608c00 Game of Life, 5608c31 Games and Play, 5610a15 15ACC Power of Simplicity, 5610C05 London Congress on Human Problems 1956, 5610c08 London Congress on Nuclear Radiation and Health, 5610C08 Radiation And Your Survival, 5610c18 Organisation series, 5610C18 Organization Series, 5701a02 16ACC Anatomy Of Cause, 5707a15 18ACC Illusion or Truth, 5707C04 Freedom Congress, 5712a29 Ability Congress, 5801c20 19ACC Knowing Cause, 5807C04 Clearing Congress, 5810c18 London clearing congress, 5812C16 Washington Staff Talk, 5901a03 Success Congress, 5901c03 Cause and Spheres of Influence, 5904c06 Skills of a Theta Being, 5904C06 Special Hubbard Pro Auditor Course, 5905c13  6th London ACC, 5907c05 Theta Clearing Congress, 5911c07 Melburn Congress, 5911c07 Principles of Creation Melbourne, 5911c09 First Melbourn ACC lectures, 5911c09 Responsibility of OT 1st Melbourne ACC, 6001a01 State of Man Congress 1960, 6001c04 Hubbard Clearing Scientologist Course Lectures, 6006c23 London Open Evening Lectures, 6008c07 London Congress on Desimination and Health, 6102c09-1stACC South Africa, 6102c14-3stACC South Africa, 6112c30 Clean Hands Congress, 6112c30 Havingness, 6201C25 Whole Track Lectures, 6210c09 Creation of a New Civilization, 6305c16 New Era Dianetics, 6307c24 Professional TR’s Tapes, 6308c06 Time Track of Theta, 6400c00 Academy Level 0 Tapes, 6400c00 Academy Level I Tapes, 6400c00 Academy Level II Tapes, 6400c00 Academy Level III Tapes, 6400c00 Academy Level IV Tapes (next), 6400c00 Class 5 Graduate Auditor Course, 6407c24 Professional TR’s Tapes, 6409c22 Study Tapes, 6410c27 False Purpose Run Down Course Lectures, 6411c10 Essentials of Auditing Lectures, 6608c02 SP-PTS Course Lectures, 6608c23 MoneyTapes, 6809c24 Class 8 Lectures, 7001C18 FEBC, 7203C01 ESTO(Establishment Officer), 7203c30 Expanded Dianetics, 720226 MTS, SHSBC lectures 

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